How do I find the perfect Scrum Master?

Posted on 2019-10-25

This question precedes the question, what is a perfect Scrum Master? On the basis of the essential tasks of a Scrum Master, the theoretical knowledge is of course obligatory. I even take the point that you can internalize the theory in a matter of days, but you may not learn the real skills your whole life needs to make a Scrum team a success. It is the personality, the charisma and the ability to pick up, inspire and support others for a common cause. But how do you want to formulate this in your job advertisement? Looking for a charismatic Scrum Master with personality and the ability  and so on???

What is the alternative and how do you want to know that the Scrum Master also harmonizes with your team and at the same time motivates you to achieve maximum performance instead of just monitoring the stupid adherence to the Scrum rules? I always recommend my daughter to look for an astronaut as a man later when she grows up. These are the nicest ones. They are good for a long time even in confined spaces. But now there are no Scrum Masters at NASA that you could borrow. Therefore, there is no other choice than to get to know the potential Scrum Master in a personal interview, to interview him, how he would deal with one or the other situation. The decisive factor here, however, should not be alone, whether he is prepared for such questions, but on such situations. A multitude of situations should not even exist when the Scrum Master understands his craft and above all his team members and does not see himself as a master, but as a team player with whom working should, above all, make fun. The extraordinary high performance that I mentioned above is also not the goal, but the natural consequence of pulling together.


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