What is Scrum?

Scrum provides teams the framework to deliver complex products faster. The heart of this framework are the so-called sprints, within which a finished partial product, the so-called increment, is developed. The sprints are repeated, so that more and more sub-products are created, the quality of which is significantly influenced by the fact that you constantly learn while the overall product is created. Constant improvement through constant learning through experience.

What are the roles of Scrum?

In Scrum there are three roles following the official Scrum Guide:

  1. The Product Owner, who decides what will be developed in which order. He is not the actual (end) customer, but takes his perspective.
  2. The development team, which consists of different specialists who complement each other and decide how to develop the desired product.
  3. The Scrum Master coaches and supports the other Scrum Team members to comply with the rules of Scrum.

What is Scrum doing for me?

Scrum's goal is for the team to quickly achieve useful results together. We understand Scrum as an optimization of teamwork; not for better products, but for happier employees. Better products that are delivered quickly is only a side effect, which of course also contributes to the overall satisfaction of those involved. But it's about getting better together. In this sense, Scrum brings better performance through happier employees and the ability to flow with the ever-changing competition, rather than perhaps being swept away by innovation. Therefore, Scrum is not only a supposed fad, but adapts itself to change.

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