The Future of Scrum and Agile Methods

Posted on 2019-09-07

Scrum lives Again and again you hear from people that Scrum is just a fad. Many companies want to introduce Scrum or other agile methods and fall back after a short time back into old patterns. Scrum is to blame. Scrum is just a hype that you do not have to join. In fact, the problem lies in the fact that the implementation of Scrum or other frameworks brings a change that affects the basic attitude of the company and not just "optimize" the professionals. It is a change whose importance for the existence of the company in the market and, more importantly, its importance for the common cause of the employees must be understood. At a time when the distances between fundamental changes are becoming ever shorter, it is necessary to adapt to this reality without breaking it, ie. going broke in the worst case. Agility is therefore not a fad, but the logical consequence of asserting itself in the rapidly developing market.

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